Most business leaders desire better ways to improve productivity and increase profitability, particularly as competition in their industry becomes heated. At a time when technology continues to offer breakthrough ways to optimize workflow and unlock new revenue channels, many more businesses rely on enterprise management software for improved staff and process management.

ISU Corp can design and build this type of software for businesses of any size, employing a cost-effective agile software development process that ensures clients receive a product that meets their unique needs. At the same time, we also offer reliable products and services to aid enterprise programming teams that want to take development into their own hands.

IS Unified is our comprehensive IT portfolio management system, and it offers IT departments the framework needed to deploy a more effective and productive development process. With IS Unified, IT departments can schedule tasks, monitor project progress and send and receive email notifications when certain project milestones have been achieved.

To prove value and return on investment to supervisors and executives, development directors can make use of IS Unified's Summary Reports feature. As an ideal format to demonstrate progress and track achievements, the Summary Reports feature is the perfect tool for project management offices (PMO) and chief information officers (CIO) who are conscious of costs and productivity.

Create summary reports to easily demonstrate progress

While many executives today acknowledge the power technology and software can offer to improve productivity, most still need to keep one eye on profits and expenses to ensure their investment is truly worthwhile. IS Unified's Summary Reports feature is a perfect solution in this scenario, opening lines of communication between development teams and executives so that project progress can be easily demonstrated.

Development managers can quickly create a summary report that displays project status and key metrics such as remaining hours and estimated time of arrival. Multiuser capabilities allow several developers to update each report once a new task is completed, and emails are automatically sent to the project manager when the report is ready to be reviewed.

Export summary reports and review them at a later time

The Summary Reports feature can play a crucial role in a programming team's agile software development process. Since agile or scrum development focuses on the completion of a series of mini-tasks that build toward a greater project, summary reports offer project managers with the perfect tool to prove progress at each interval.

Reports can be customized by text color, font size and with additional formatting to fit any company's branding objectives, and easy export capabilities allow final reports to be converted to PDF or RTF formats. With summary reports in hand, third-party developers can demonstrate return on investment to clients, while project managers can show company executives the status of each important IT project.

Improve project management with IS Unified

Summary Reports is just one aspect of IS Unified, the comprehensive project management software platform designed to improve productivity within IT departments. IS Unified is the same framework used by ISU Corp to manage our own projects, and we offer this affordable task management system to clients that wish to employ a more effective scrum process within their own development practices.

These solutions have made ISU Corp a leading technology consultant and partner to businesses around the country, and we continue to leverage our significant experience and sophisticated tools to help clients grow and improve. Learn today how ISU Corp can serve your business today, whether you require custom web application development or IT consulting.

IS Unified
Cinnaguard Inc.

"We would like to thank ISU Corp for the Cinnabon Sales application that they developed for us in the recent months. The migration from an outdated Access Database to the latest in Microsoft technology has greatly benefited the productivity, efficiency and capabilities for our company. From the initial analysis to the development and deployment phase, ISU Corp was there every step of the way to support and guide us through to the finished quality product. We will assuredly employ ISU Corp’s professionalism and down-to-earth approach for future customized software development within Cinnabon." Mona, Director of Operations Cinnaguard Inc.

AcQua Investments

"At AcQua Investments, we deal with the ever fluctuating stock market on a day to day basis. Up to the second real-time alerts are crucial to the success of our business. We needed a front end application to assist us with these fluctuations and ISU Corp felivered a robust C# application on .NetFramework on time and budget. Our dealings with ISU Corp were prompt, professional and they were always available for support, even after regular business hours. Thanks to the ISU Corp team for delivering world class application on time and within budget." Richard, VP of Finance AcQua Capital Management Inc.

University of Waterloo

"The University of Waterloo Research and Ethics Department had been experiencing many errors and deficiencies with our inter-department dynamic website. After a detailed consultation and analysis, ISU Corp promised to fix these problems and add functionality to our website. They delivered on their promise and we are now up and running, error free. Thanks for the support and we hope to do business in the future with ISU Corp." Anne Marie, PHD Head of Human and Animal Research

Kev Software

"Kev Software has been working hand in hand with ISU Corp for a number of years now. The software development and support is second to none and is the reason that we keep contracting ISU Corp for our complex school office solutions. They have been an integral part of our success in reducing the workload for Schools and Districts across North America and we will continue to call upon ISU Corp for future projects and our present data protection needs for years to come." Evelyn, VP Research and Development Kev Software Inc.

Maxxam Analytics Inc.

"ISU Corp developed a Financial Reporting web application for us here at Maxxam Analytics. This web based system distributes highly confidential corporate financial information to stakeholders located across Canada. It was imperative that we chose a company that we trusted with such confidential information; we know we get that with ISU Corp. They are very quick to respond to any technical support issues or requests for enhancements and with the constantly varying scenarios that we face day to day, it was crucial that we had a company like ISU Corp to be there when we needed it." Sorin B, Development Manager, Maxxam Analystics Inc.

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