IS Unified is a next generation software application with focus on Enterprise Resource Planning for the digital economy. IS Unified has fully integrated modules to do Project portfolio management, Computer asset management, Tier One support and help desk , as well as a variety of other functions to maximize work efficiency.

IS Unified provides a platform to perform multiple tasks such as:

  • Capture Ideas
  • Do research and analysis
  • Provide Estimations
  • View Resource Capacity
  • Design, build and test
  • Deploy long term plans of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals or objectives

All these features are performed in a secured single platform for easy navigation.

The IS Unified Eco-system tracks and manages Human and non-human resources and facilitates organization for all stakeholders during the project development lifecycle.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Major corporations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage all aspects of their businesses, tracking key financial metrics within the accounting department, monitoring supply chain progress in the manufacturing division and even managing employee information in the human resources department.

With an investment in enterprise portfolio management software, project management offices (PMO) can achieve the same benefits enjoyed by executives who have implemented ERP software across their business. These advantages include increased visibility into project progress and an enhanced ability to influence individual projects with greater ease.

At ISU Corp, we make it our mission to improve our clients' business through leading professional software application development and consultancy. That is why we built IS Unified, a premier project management software application designed to empower the managers of corporate information technology (IT) departments the world over.

With IS Unified, chief information officers (CIO) have the power of ERP software delivered via a sleek and responsive web interface. Its flexibility and easy configuration are part of the reason why more CIOs turn to IS Unified when they need portfolio management software.

Discover how portfolio management software can improve your business

Why should your department consider an investment in project portfolio management software? The answer is simple - with a centralized system, a CIO can readily access all the critical information needed to manage projects from inception to fulfillment. With this data, managers can ensure financials are in line, resources and assets are being used in the best ways possible and ultimately, verify that a project's major tasks and objectives can be achieved on schedule.

With IS Unified, CIOs gain these tools and more. We have engineered a comprehensive and intuitive project and portfolio management software that helps IT supervisors track initiatives, send and receive automated notifications regarding a program's progress and manage every aspect of an IT task. Read on to find out how IS Unified's varied features can help enhance your ability to lead small or large projects.

Benefit from IS Unified's extensive suite of project management applications

IS Unified is equipped with a number of features that are designed to address specific challenges CIOs and PMOs face each day. With Task Manager, managers enjoy an individual account of each ongoing project, which records vital details such as project identification numbers, status, priority and team members involved. With this record on hand, managers can easily review completed tasks or ones that are ongoing to ensure quality and track resourcing. CIOs can also take a broader look at their department with the Project Manager application, perfect for organization, return on investment assessments, or ETA updates.

IS Unified's Email Notification creator can also alert important parties to project changes or updates, while Asset Manager allows IT executives to document and track important department equipment, such as servers. Developers can even create a record of every application, module or modules that are currently in development with IS Unified, and database changes or updates can be recorded with our Script Management and Release Notes features.

Learn how ISU Corp helps businesses nationwide accomplish more

Those are just a few of the features available with IS Unified, a product that we have designed to be the industry's premier project management software. We offer IS Unified alongside our software development and consultancy solutions as another example ISU Corp's committment to quality technology support and service.

We separate ourselves from the competition by employing a staff of seasoned and expert software developers, IT professionals and project managers. Our professionals focus on the principles of partnership, honesty and customer satisfaction to ensure that each client engagement is a success.


With IS Unified, chief information officers (CIO) have the power of ERP software delivered via a sleek and responsive web interface.

IS Unified
Cinnaguard Inc.

"We would like to thank ISU Corp for the Cinnabon Sales application that they developed for us in the recent months. The migration from an outdated Access Database to the latest in Microsoft technology has greatly benefited the productivity, efficiency and capabilities for our company. From the initial analysis to the development and deployment phase, ISU Corp was there every step of the way to support and guide us through to the finished quality product. We will assuredly employ ISU Corp’s professionalism and down-to-earth approach for future customized software development within Cinnabon." Mona, Director of Operations Cinnaguard Inc.

AcQua Investments

"At AcQua Investments, we deal with the ever fluctuating stock market on a day to day basis. Up to the second real-time alerts are crucial to the success of our business. We needed a front end application to assist us with these fluctuations and ISU Corp felivered a robust C# application on .NetFramework on time and budget. Our dealings with ISU Corp were prompt, professional and they were always available for support, even after regular business hours. Thanks to the ISU Corp team for delivering world class application on time and within budget." Richard, VP of Finance AcQua Capital Management Inc.

University of Waterloo

"The University of Waterloo Research and Ethics Department had been experiencing many errors and deficiencies with our inter-department dynamic website. After a detailed consultation and analysis, ISU Corp promised to fix these problems and add functionality to our website. They delivered on their promise and we are now up and running, error free. Thanks for the support and we hope to do business in the future with ISU Corp." Anne Marie, PHD Head of Human and Animal Research

Kev Software

"Kev Software has been working hand in hand with ISU Corp for a number of years now. The software development and support is second to none and is the reason that we keep contracting ISU Corp for our complex school office solutions. They have been an integral part of our success in reducing the workload for Schools and Districts across North America and we will continue to call upon ISU Corp for future projects and our present data protection needs for years to come." Evelyn, VP Research and Development Kev Software Inc.

Maxxam Analytics Inc.

"ISU Corp developed a Financial Reporting web application for us here at Maxxam Analytics. This web based system distributes highly confidential corporate financial information to stakeholders located across Canada. It was imperative that we chose a company that we trusted with such confidential information; we know we get that with ISU Corp. They are very quick to respond to any technical support issues or requests for enhancements and with the constantly varying scenarios that we face day to day, it was crucial that we had a company like ISU Corp to be there when we needed it." Sorin B, Development Manager, Maxxam Analystics Inc.

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